A powerful communications tool in every sense, Kenwood’s new TH-K20A/K40A radio offers 5.5 watts of RF output to ensure reliable performance. Numerous features ensure superb operating ease, yet it is small enough to fit comfortably in the palm. Both display and keypad are backlit for night-time use, and for added convenience everyday functions are pre-programmed to 11 keys with an additional PF key that can be assigned a custom function. Plus, the construction is rugged enough to stand up to the worst weather. Inside and out, the TH-K20A/K40A is fully equipped for clear communications — wherever and whenever needed.

5.5W RF Output for 144MHz
5.0W RF Output for 430MHz
Power-On Message
Direct Function Key
Direct Frequency Entry
Auto Repeater Offset
Time-Out Timer
Battery Select (Li-ion / AAA Battery)
Beat Shift
Frequency Shift
VOX Circuit included (Operation with Optional headset)
Battery Capacity Indicator
Wide / Narrow Deviation Selection (Per Channel)
Busy Channel Lock-Out

Power On Message
Time-out Timer
Priority Scan
Band Scan, Program Scan, MR Scan, CALL Scan, CTCSS Scan / DCS Scan
Wide/Narrow Channel Spacing •
Busy Channel Lockout
Key Lock Type Select
Battery Save
SMA Antenna Connector
Automatic Repeater Offset
1750 Hz Tone Access
Direct Keypad Frequency Entry
DTMF Autodial Memories (16ch, up to 16 digits)
Battery Capacity Indicator (on transmit)
Electronic Serial Number

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